4Strokes Swimming Academy UK

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Award 1

  • 5m on front using arms
  • 5m on back
  • Star float on front with face in
  • Breaststroke leg kick on back (feet turned out with woggle)
  • Introduce breathing
  • Breaststroke arms sitting on side
  • Push & glide on back
  • Pencil jump

Award 2

  • 5m on front introducing over arm recovery
  • 5m on back introducing over arm recovery
  • Breaststroke leg kick 5m on front (with woggle)
  • Introduce bi-lateral breathing
  • 10m swim front or back (basic stroke)
  • Star jump
  • 5m head first sculling
  • Tread water for 10secs

Award 3

  • 10m on front over arm recovery – good stroke
  • 10m on back over arm recovery – good stroke
  • 15m swim on front or back (basic stroke)
  • 5m breaststroke swim (seeing pull, kick, glide, unaided, no breathing required at this stage)
  • Tread water for 30 seconds
  • Head first surface dive
  • Tuck jump

Award 4

  • 15m front crawl – good stroke regular breathing
  • 15m backstroke – good stroke
  • 5m fly leg kick
  • 5m breaststroke – good stroke with regular breathing, not necessarily every stroke
  • 20m basic swim any stroke
  • Feet first surface dive
  • Swim through submerged hoop