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10th October 2015
New website coming soon

12th October 2015
We're proud to announce Deby's 1st Swimming Academy fully dedicated in teaching your children to swim. We shall start taking bookings from December 2015. To take advantage of this exciting opportunity please contact us on 08450942855 or

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Welcome to 4Strokes Swimming Academy UK

4Strokes Swimming Academy UK aims to provide each pupil with the attention and dedication required to make learning to swim both an enjoyable and positive experience.

Our Company Ethos is to ensure that learning is FUN!

We are very proud of our academies and work hard to ensure a professional and structured programme is delivered at every one of our unique locations.

Giving your child the opportunity to undertake a swimming programme is the most pro-active measure you as a parent/guardian can take towards their safety in and around water.

Our Team

We have carefully selected our professional and dedicated team and make every effort to place the teachers in their area of expertise.

How Do I Choose The Right Class?

We will do that for you, all you need to provide us with is any previous experience or lessons your child has had in the past. This can be submitted on our Get in Touch page. Then we will choose the appropriate programme.

How Quickly Will My Child Learn To Swim?

Swimming is a complex gross motor skill and takes time to learn, children need to feel comfortable emotionally and be capable physically to progress through the skill sets. The 4Strokes team will guide your child through these stages and leave them hungry for more!

The 4Strokes team.